2004 - Das Jahr für Madonnas Neuentdeckung Ben Jelen?

Madonnas Maverick-Label hat eine vielversprechende Neuentdeckung am Start: Ben Jelen. Sein Video zur ersten Single “Come on” gibts auf seiner Website oder hier zum freien Download, seine erste CD wird Ende März in den Plattenläden stehen. In seinem “Journal” schreibt er am 7. Januar 2004:

“A little time to write - it’s a few hours before the big video shows on MTV for the first time, so I’m excited. Its different than watching a tape of it - maybe I’ll get to hear one of my songs on radio too. If that happens, I promise to take anyone I’m with at that moment out to dinner… or party…
Its been really busy recently - lots of stuff going on and I’m usually really appreciative of time to myself. I’m definitely one of those people that needs that - I love going out, having fun, being around everyone, but when it gets crazy I crave the quiet time to myself… put on a chill album and zone out. I guess everyone has that side to them.
There’s a lot to look forward to in the next week - it’ll be good to play my own show - I really love the guys in the band that I play with - they’re so musical and tight. Even the all day rehearsals once in a while are pretty fun.
I want to thank everyone reading this again for all of the support on the web site - I get on when I can and read a lot of the stuff - it means a lot to me to hear what you guys have to say. “

Noch ist er schön brav bescheiden, mal sehen, was in einem Jahr so alles mit ihm passiert sein wird. [Ab zu Bens Bio]


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