Adam Pascal: “Be Nice”

hey everyone adam here. wanted to thank you all again for the amazing support in my return to rent. it has been more fun than the first time around!!i am blessed to have such fans like you all. on another note please dont compare, or say nasty things about the guys coming in after me and anthony. not to sound arrogant, but we(like any other original cast member) are a tough act to follow. that does not mean that we are the only ones that can play these roles, as is evident by the fact that the show has been running without us for many years. when i played the emcee in cabaret, i could not help but feel like i was always being compared to all the other emcees that came before me. i know its part of the business. but actors should be able to come into a role without feeling like they cant win. be nice!, and give these guys a chance
much love
adam, 01 Sep 2007

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