Aus für Disney-Musical “The Lion King” in Toronto

Nach 1300 Vorstellungen fällt am 28. September 2003 der letzte Vorhang für die Toronto-Produktion des Disney-Musicals “The Lion King”.
Thomas Schumacher, Präsident der Disney Theatrical Productions: “The Toronto engagement of The Lion King has far exceeded our expectations. When we opened here, we originally planned an 18-month run as a part of a North American tour. But with our success in Toronto, we were put in the enviable position of having to create an entirely new production for the U.S. tour, allowing us to extend out Toronto engagement. When we conclude our run at the Princess of Wales Theatre on Sunday, September 28, we will have played more than three-and-a-half years, over 1300 performances to over 2.3 million people.”
Als Nachfolgeproduktionen sind vorgesehen: Royal Shakespeare Company: “The Hollow Crown” (Februar-März 2004), Hairspray (April-Mai 2004) [story]


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