Barry Manilow, what five people would you invite to dinner?

Marsala Rypka: What five people would you invite to dinner?

Barry Manilow:
I’d invite Jesus and ask him if he really existed. I believe that during that time, there were probably many people named Jesus and they all had the same kind of ideas of one God, being kind to people, and forgiveness — everything our current Jesus is supposed to have spoken about. I would ask if he really walked on water and returned from the dead, if there really was an Immaculate Conception, and all the rest that people believe today in order to stop everyone from killing one another (which we do anyway).

I’d invite Hitler and ask why he hated me and my family and all of the Jewish people. Why did he do what he did? And then after dinner, I’d kill him.

And I’d invite my musical heroes like Judy Garland. Judy was the world’s greatest entertainer. I’ve always loved singers who also act. Judy was that, so was Sinatra. The greats crawl into the lyrics they’re singing. When I started, I had to do that. I wasn’t a real singer and I didn’t know shit about performing. My strength isn’t my voice or my looks; it’s that I communicate the story of the song to the audience.

I’d invite Harold Arlen, who wrote over 500 songs including the 1938 classic «Over the Rainbow”, and George Gershwin. They were the greatest composers of the 20th century.

I’d also invite Laura Nyro, one of pop music’s most innovative songwriters.

I’d like to spend an evening with all of them. I’d want them to talk about their experiences, their beliefs, who they were inspired by and share some funny anecdotes. I’d pick songs and ask how they came about, what made them think of that melody, or how were they able to strip away all their walls and be so honest on stage. Oh, I’d kill for a dinner like that. [Luxury Las Vegas Magazine]


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