Bjorn Ulvaeus: Musical Is Making More Money Than ABBA

Legendary ABBA songwriter Bjorn Ulvaeus is delighted his musical Mamma Mia! is making him more money than when he was in the ’70s chart-toppers. The “Waterloo” star wrote the music and lyrics for the stage show, which this week was watched by its 10 millionth audience member, with former ABBA colleague Benny Andersson - and he’s seen the proceeds stack up. Bjorn, 57, says, “It’s going to make me richer than ABBA ever did. In the ’70s, groups didn’t make the incredible deals that they did in the ’80s and ’90s. They never became as rich. It’s never bothered me. We were only ever in it for the love of music. Having too much too soon can be very dangerous anyway.” And despite his love for writing ABBA’s songs, Bjorn doesn’t yearn for the good old days. He says, “I’m not nostalgic for those days. I wouldn’t like to have it back. Creating was what I really enjoyed. In this business, it all begins and ends with a song. Without that, no one is anything.” [story]


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