Brian May: “We Will Rock You”-Filmversion in Planung

We Will Rock You; Foto: Martin Bruny
Siebeneinhalb Jahre läuft “We Will Rock You”, das Queen-Musical, bereits in Londons Dominion Theatre und ist damit die erfolgreichste Produktion aller Zeiten in diesem Theater. Was liegt näher, als eine Verfilmung dieses Jukebox-Musicals.

Brian May ließ diese Woche die Katze aus dem Sack und gab bekannt, dass konkrete Verhandlungen über die Filmrechte laufen. Der umtriebige Ben Elton hat natürlich bereits ein Filmskript erarbeitet, eine Hollywood-Version von “We Will Rock You” könnte es also geben - demnächst. Leicht war es freilich nicht, überhaupt interessierte Produzenten für das Filmprojekt zu finden. Brian May dazu:

Well we were knocking on doors for a while. I mean, we have Robert de Niro in our family, you know, name-dropping like mad you know. He’s part of our initial sort of thrust, you know. So they’ve been interested in doing this for a while, but we’ve been in a way trying to persuade people that this would work as a movie for a while over the last few years. Now that they saw Mamma Mia! be the biggest movie in English history, everyone is saying “Where’s the We Will Rock You movie? Why haven’t you done it?” You know - ” Can we do it ” and such, and in a way the snowball is really rolling quite fast now and we have a script. Ben’s done a script, which I think is amazing. It’s very different for us actually. It has the same spirit to it, but I think it’s a bit sort of harder hitting in some ways. It’s a bit more gritty. And of course the medium of film gives you an opportunity to say a lot more. In a musical, as soon as somebody is singing a song, you’re watching the singer singing the song. In a movie, someone’s singing a song, but anything can be happening during that time. You’re still aware that you’re being sung to, but the story can be evolving in so many ways while it’s happening and Ben’s written all this in. It’s astonishing. I’ve read the script and it’s like this (demonstrates) thick, ‘cos Ben’s put every single detail in there, you know. [via brianmay.com]

- West End Girl: From stage to screen and back again


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