Broadway: Anthony Rapp & Adam Pascal wieder bei “Rent”

Auf seiner “mySpace”-Site hat Adam Pascal es vor ein paar Tagen erwähnt. Zu früh übrigens, sodass er sein Posting hurtig wieder entfernen musste. Freilich doch zu spät, denn Playbill war es immerhin eine Schlagzeile wert: Adam Pascal und Anthony Rapp kehren zur Broadway-Produktion von “Rent” zurück - für sechs Wochen ab dem 30. Juli bis zum 9. September 2007.
Nun ist alles offiziell. Es gibt einen neuen Eintrag von Adam Pascal, der da lautet:

spilled the beans
hey everyone so i had to remove the blog about rent because i announced it too soon. sorry about that. but now that it is offical i can say that anthony and i are very excited to be returning this summer, and we hope you all come back and see us. also once again i am currently on cape cod filming a movie called american primitive. it is a drama set in the early 70’s about a gay couple(me and tate donavan) and their 2 teenage daughters, who dont know they are a couple. its been lots a fun and i had my first onscreen kiss with a boy….not so bad…not so good…. but not so bad. anyway please check out me and larry at bb kings on may 9th. also alot of you have been asking about goyband. i dont have any realease info. because of the nature of independent film you kind of dont know until you know…but ill keep you posted. much love - adam

Was lernen wir daraus? Was früher der Dorftrommler war, ist heute “mySpace”.


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