Broadway: Aus für Disneys “Tarzan” (10.5.2006-8.7.2007)

Am 8. Juli 2007 fällt im New Yorker Richard Rodgers Theatre der letzte Vorhang für das Disney-Musical “Tarzan”. 35 Previews und 486 reguläre Vorstellungen wird es bis dahin gegeben haben.
Disney Theatricals Thomas Schumacher in seinem Statement:

I am disappointed that the Broadway production of Tarzan will close earlier than any of us had hoped, and I would have loved for it to have been as successful in New York as it is now in Holland. Despite this, Tarzan was the Broadway debut for two artists I have long admired and respected, and for this I am extremely proud. The opportunity to work again with the legendary Phil Collins, who expanded his film score for the stage production, and with Bob Crowley in his Broadway directorial debut has been hugely gratifying. I know that as we continue to produce Tarzan around the world, audiences will embrace it with as much enthusiasm as we put into creating it.


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