Broadway: Aus für “Grey Gardens”

Am 29. Juli fällt der letzte Vorhang für die Broadway-Produktion von “Grey Gardens”. Das Musical aus der Feder von Doug Wright (Librettist), Michael Korie (Texter) und Scott Frankel (Komponist) wird es auf insgesamt 307 Aufführungen und 33 Previews bringen. 3 Tony Awards haben nicht gereicht, um die Show über den schwierigen Sommer zu retten. Kelly Gonda, einer der Produzenten der Show:

Grey Gardens is a great work of art that will have a long life beyond this Broadway run. Everyone in the Grey Gardens family is proud that we were able to bring this unique show to Broadway – the first-ever musical to be made from a documentary. We are honored and thrilled to have received rapturous reviews, ecstatic audiences and award recognition. We’re happy the show was preserved with a new cast album and filmed as the subject of a soon-to-be released documentary by the legendary original filmmaker, Albert Maysles himself.

We always knew that Grey Gardens faced an uphill challenge during the summer months. And so we made the difficult decision to end our run on July 29 with our incomparable original cast. Still basking from the glow of our Tony Award wins and the recent surge in attendance, the show is able to go out on top.

This production of Grey Gardens is a tribute to the Beales themselves, and we’re especially proud of having helped make their dream come true. At long last these two incredible, indomitable women have been celebrated as the performers they always wanted to be. And while we’re all sad to see this beautiful production close, we’ll look forward to keeping their dream alive with future productions and the new documentary. Finally, I must say that it was a real pleasure, both personally and professionally, to work with everyone involved with the Broadway production of Grey Gardens, including the creative team, the cast, the crew and everyone else responsible for the welcome we enjoyed at The Walter Kerr. [Playbill]


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