Cast-CD der umjubelten “Was ihr wollt”-Version von Stratford ab 12. August erhältlich

Noch bis Ende Oktober ist Des McAnuffs Version von Shakespeares “Was ihr wollt” (”Twelth night or what you will”) im Rahmen des Stratford Shakespeare Festivals zu sehen. Für diese Version hat McAnuff gemeinsam mit Michael Roth Songs geschrieben, die noch in diesem Sommer als Cast-CD zur Produktion veröffentlicht werden.

McAnuff über die Musik und die Songs zum Stück:

The score pays tribute to the past 60 years of musical history.The exotic land of Illyria is depicted as a place where music and sport reign to create an erratic and disobedient world of mayhem and mischief.
I would describe Twelfth Night as ‘Shakespeare’s other musical’ with As You Like It being the first. There are seven songs in the script, but we’ve taken that to ten, all of which will be included in the CD.
We use contemporary songs as a kind of foundation for Illyria, this world of music. Just as Shakespeare would have used his own period’s instruments regardless of the time in which the play was set, we are using the full range of instruments — period and modern — available to us.”

01. “Overture”: Band
02. “Play On”: Ben Carlson, Victor Dolhai, Ryan Field, Aaron Krohn, Jaz Sealey
03. “O Mistress Mine”: Ben Carlson, Victor Dolhai, Aaron Krohn, Ian Lake, Jaz Sealey
04. “Hold Thy Peace”: Ben Carlson, Stephen Ouimette, Brian Dennehy, Victor Dolhai, Aaron Krohn, Ian Lake, Jaz Sealey
05. “Come Away Death”: Ben Carlson, Victor Dolhai, Barbara Fulton, Suzy Jane Hunt, Jaz Sealey
06. “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love”: Ben Carlson, Jaz Sealey, Ryan Field, Aaron Krohn, Ian Lake, Juan Chioran, Sara Topham, Victor Dolhai, Barbara Fulton, Suzy Jane Hunt. (Text: Christopher Marlowe / Sir Walter Raleigh)
07. “Jolly Robin”: Ben Carlson, Aaron Krohn, Jaz Sealey
08. “To the Devil”: Ben Carlson
09. “Sebastian and Viola - Themes and Variations”: Band
10. “The Wind and the Rain”: Ben Carlson, Victor Dolhai, Juan Chioran, Barbara Fulton, Suzy Jane Hunt, Aaron Krohn, Jaz Sealey
11. “Curtain Call”: Band
12. Bonus Track, “The Wind and the Rain”: Des McAnuff & the Red Dirt Band

Die CD ist ab 12. August um 19.95 Dollar im Online-Store von Stratford (Link) und auch bei CD Baby (LINK) erhältlich.

- Stratford Shakespeare Festival
- Playbill: Stratford’s Rockin’ Twelfth Night Gets Cast Album; Des McAnuff Performs


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