Hunter Ryan Herdlicka im Interview - wie Stephen Sondheim sein Leben veränderte

Hunter Ryan Herdlicka, derzeit in der Broadway-Produktion von Stephen Sondheims “A Little Night Music” in der Rolle des Henrik zu sehen, im Interview. Im Mai 2009 hat der 23-Jährige seine Ausbildung beendet. Voller Energie gings nach New York zu seiner ersten Audition: “A Little Night Music”. Zwei Wochen später engagierte ihn Stephen Sondheim. Im Gespräch mit Jessica Lewis erzählt er unter anderem von der Erarbeitung seiner Rolle und seinen Erfahrungen mit der “A-Liga” der Broadway-Stars.

Jessica Lewis: Tell me how A Little Night Music came into your life.

Hunter Ryan Herdlicka: It was actually an incredible experience. I graduated school in the last week of May 2009. Feeling ambitious, I sold almost everything I owned, packed up the rest and moved to New York into a sublet. I then went on my very first audition - A Little Night Music. Two weeks later I had the part. I’d never done any auditions! I did a callback for Trevor and the producers and then Sondheim came in two days later to listen to me sing. And that was it. I found out the next day I had the job. It’s like a fairytale story. I’d never gone on an audition…it was incredible.

Jessica Lewis: I would imagine that working with such an iconic combination for any actor would be thrilling, and for a newcomer even more so. What was the most significant thing you learned from working with this talent?

Hunter Ryan Herdlicka: You know, I was never star struck. I think that when you’re a part of a company, it just takes away that hierarchy. We had a really well-established company, and I always felt like it was truly an ensemble cast. After all, there are about eight leads in the show. That said, there were - and still are - those moments every once in a while that hit me…where it’s like “Oh my gosh, I’m seeing Angela Lansbury rehearsing a song and rehearse with a script and figure out where the laughs are.” That’s where it’s just fascinating. It’s fascinating to see celebrities and theater legends in rehearsal and it reminds you that they’re just like us. They’re regular people, regular artists, and we’re all the same. I guess I learned a lot of things from Catherine and Angela but I think the biggest thing I’ve learned is about being generous with your time and your energy. They’re both so encouraging and so supportive. Especially Angela. She’s always there to teach and encourage and to talk about her experiences in life as an actress because she wants to pass that along to us, this younger generation, for when she retires. There are not a lot of people left of her class and caliber and she wants to pass those traits and traditions along. She doesn’t want certain things to be forgotten.

- BroadwayWorld.com: Hunter Ryan Herdlicka im Interview


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