Linda Eder: “The Other Side Of Me” (2008)

Linda Eder - The other side of meIm Frühjahr 2008 veröffentlicht Broadwaystar Linda Eder (”Jekyll & Hyde”) ihre neue Solo-CD “The Other Side Of Me”, ein Country/Pop-Album, an dem die Künstlerin eineinhalb Jahre gearbeitet hat, aber, so Eder: “In reality, it has been a lifetime in the making.”

Faith Hill, Sheryl Crow und Sarah McLachlan, das ist die Musik, die der Broadwaystar in letzter Zeit vor allem gehört hat: “I’ve gone back to my roots in what I’m listening to.” Dass es schwer werden könnte, mit ihrem neuen Musikstil Erfolg zu haben, das weiß die Künstlerin nur zu gut:

In country, you have to be country. They don’t care if you can sing. You have to be country, look country. I don’t know if it will succeed. It’s a gamble. But it feels very real for me. It’s fun. It’s something I need to do right now.

Was man von “The Other Side Of Me” genau erwarten darf, erklärt Eder folgendermaßen:

My co-producer and friend, Billy Jay Stein, and I created the other side of me together. It is an album of American pop and country flavored songs and arrangements. Each song was chosen because it felt like something I wanted say. It is heavy on acoustic guitar with melodies and rhythms designed to make you feel good as you drive down a stretch of highway or a country road. I hope you will find as I do that the songs grow on you rather than wear you out and make repeated listening easy and desirable. I think you will feel good after listening because the messages are mostly positive and uplifting. My desire was not to sing at you but to sing with you … to go to a sunny stretch of road and stay there for awhile. If you are looking for the echo of Judy or Barbra you won’t find it in this CD. If you want to hear THE OTHER SIDE OF ME … here I am. Hop on the Bus!

- Pieces
- The Other Side of Me
- Ghost
- Make Today Beautiful
- If You Believe
- Waiting for the Fall
- Lifted
- Back to Life
- Everything Comes and Goes
- Prayer for Love

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