Manilow and Sussman Control Harmony Musical Again; Is It Broadway-Bound?

Barry Manilow and Bruce Sussman, authors of the musical, Harmony, have won back the rights to the show from the producer who failed to bring the work to fruition in late 2003.
According to composer Manilow’s publicist, a panel of three arbitrators of the American Arbitration Association rendered an interim award in favor of Manilow and lyricist-librettist Bruce Sussman in their arbitration proceeding involving the musical play.
According to a statement released Feb. 19 by Manilow spokesman Jerry J. Sharell, “The arbitration panel unanimously and unequivocally ruled that the rights of the former producer of the play, Snorkel Productions, Inc., have terminated; that Snorkel is to return to Manilow and Sussman all literary materials relating to Harmony; and that Snorkel is to immediately cease acting as producer for Harmony or dealing with Harmony in any manner. The unanimous award of the arbitration panel represents a vindication of the position taken by Manilow and Sussman in the arbitration proceedings.” Sharell added, “The authors couldn’t be reached for comment. They’re out getting drunk.” [story]


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