A Musical Master Class with Dr. Michael Kunze


Die englischsprachige Website “A Musical Master Class with Dr. Michael Kunze” bietet Infos zu den Arbeiten des Storyarchitekten, und beispielsweise auch ein Interview in englischer Sprache zu einigen interessanten Themen:

1. What was your expe­ri­ence in work­ing with some­one as eccen­tric as Roman Polan­ski?
2. Isn’t it easy to sim­ply trans­late an exist­ing suc­cess musi­cal into your native lan­guage? What are the dif­fi­cul­ties you might encounter with such a project?
3. How much con­trol would stars like Andrew Lloyd Web­ber and Tim Rice claim over a foreign-language adap­tion of their work?
4. Did you ever expe­ri­ence any acci­dents dur­ing the per­for­mance of a drama musi­cal?
5. Do you fight with your direc­tors over cre­ative deci­sions?
6. What was the worst thing that ever hap­pened to you in con­nec­tion with your drama musi­cals?
7. How do you find all your fan­tas­tic tal­ent? Do you work with a cast­ing com­pany? Usu­ally, how many actors get rejected before you pick your star?

Zum Interview gehts –> hier.

- musicalworkshop.org

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  Achim Thiemermann wrote @ April 13th, 2011 at 01:53

Herzlichen Dank fuer die freundliche Erwaehnung.

Achim Thiemermann
Social Media Mgr./M. Kunze

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