Patti LuPone über Andrew Lloyd Webber

Musicaldiva Patti LuPone ist auf Promotiontour. Es gilt, möglichst viele Exemplare ihrer Autobiographie “A Memoir” unters Musicalvolk zu bringen. Chicago Theatre Addict berichtet von einer solchen Promotionveranstaltung. Zum Thema Andrew Lloyd Webber spielte sich unter anderem Folgendes ab:

And then a woman asks LuPone to expand on her famously painful experience with Sunset Boulevard, a musical for which composer Andrew Lloyd Webber broke her contract stating she was to open the role on Broadway (after having premiered the role in London for a year) in favor of the more commercially safe Glenn Close.

«There are two chapters in the book on that,” she says. «It’s a sad and shocking two chapters . . . It was one man’s self-destruction, and everybody in his way, and I think it continues to this day. [He’s] an unhappy man, and an alcoholic.”

Chicago Theatre Addict: Patti LuPone calls Andrew Lloyd Webber an ‘alcoholic’


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