Sarah Brightman: Symphony (2008)

Sarah Brightman: Symphony (2008)Nach drei Trillionen Best-of-Alben gibt sich Sarah Brightman wieder mal die Ehre, die Menschheit mit einer Sammlung gänzlich neuer Lieder zu beschenken. “Symphony”, ihre neue CD, erscheint in den USA am 29. Januar 2008 (für Deutschland ist noch kein Veröffentlichungsdatum angesetzt).

01. Gothica
02. Fleurs Du Mal
03. Symphony
04. Canto Della Terra (mit Andrea Bocelli)
05. Sanvean
06. I Will Be With You (Where The Lost Ones Go) (mit Paul Stanley)
07. Schwere Träume
08. Sarai Qui (mit Alessandro Safina)
09. Storia D’Amore
10. Let It Rain
11. Attesa
12. Pasià³n (mit Fernando Lima)
13. Running

Auf ihrer Website www.sarah-brightman.com lässt Brightman ihre Fans wissen, worauf sie sich einstellen sollten:

Recorded in Germany, the US and the UK, Symphony features all-new songs, and was created by Sarah with long-time producer, Frank Peterson.
The album features 13 tracks that explore a bold range of styles. From the Gothic tempestuousness of «Fleurs du Mal,” to the pleading «Let It Rain,” Symphony is a thrilling collection of material that cannot be easily categorized, yet remains accessible to lovers of a vast array of musical genres.
According to Sarah, the album earned its title because it is «a coming together of many different elements, to create consonance with harmonious textures that still hold true to a common thread running down the centre of the album. Throughout my career, I have worked in so many different styles of music. This is the first album where all of these styles come together to create a very diverse musical landscape.”
In addition to reuniting her with Andrea Bocelli on the romantic «Canto Della Terra,” this characteristically eclectic album features collaborations with Spanish countertenor Fernando Lima («Pasià³n”), Italian tenor Alessandro Safina («Sarai Qui”), and rock superstar Paul Stanley (KISS) on «I Will Be with You.”
Another album highlight is «Running,” the IAAF’s Green Project Charity song, which Sarah performed earlier this year at their Championships opening ceremonies in Osaka, Japan.

Am 20. Januar wird Sarah Brightman auf NBC in der Sendung “Progressive Fashion on Ice” einige Songs aus “Sympony” singen. Weltklasse-Eiskunstläufer, die speziell für dieses Event designte Outfits präsentieren, werden Ihr Können dazu auf dem Eis zeigen.


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