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Six years ago I started this blog. Throughout it, I told of my struggles in an industry that I so wanted to be a part of. At times I was so brutally honest, my friends would tell me to take down the entry because no ’stranger’ should know as much as I reveled. I never saw it that way. I saw my readers as people exactly like myself. Their love of theater was equal to mine. Any success I would, or could, experience in my career would be celebrated no greater then their own. I started the journal on my very first day in New York City and have since continued to chronicle the ups and downs of trying to stand out amongst some brilliant composers and lyricists working (and not working) in this industry called ‘Theater.’

In the course of six years, I have had over 40 jobs. YES, 40 jobs. I was fired from every single one of them. I am not a good employee. I daydream way too much. On one occasion I was fired for sitting at the piano writing a song instead of bartending. I was told that if I didn’t get up and stop writing, I would be let go. I had two lines left to finish. The song I was writing was ‘I’m a Star.’ I was fired ten minutes after finishing the song. Everyone in my family and all my friends use to joke with me that I could never hold down a job longer then a week. It was true. I also moved around just as much as I was job searching. I could never afford my apartment rent and was constantly couch surfing at friends apartments. The only constant in my life was the love of my dog, Billy, and my passion for composing music and writing lyrics.


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