Showdown am Broadway: Letzter Vorhang für 6 Produktionen

As is the custom the week after the Tony Awards are handed out, Broadway grosses surged upward significantly last week, with all but three productions seeing gains at the box office. According to figures from the League of American Theatres and Producers, last week’s grosses were $14,452,497, exceeding last year’s total for this time frame by some $600,000. Still, attendance figures fell short: 224,701 tickets last week, versus 225,743 ducats for this week last year.
The increase in grosses can be attributed, of course, to the power of the Tonys. Still, the post-award fallout has begun, with six shows closing in June and some audiences madly scooping up seats before the final curtains fall. Prior to the awards on Sun., June 8, the producers of “A Year With Frog and Toad” announced the show would leap from its lily pad on Sun., June 15; the Roundabout Theatre Company had also announced that the poorly received “The Look of Love” would truncate a planned extension and shutter on the same day. [story]


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