“Spring Awakening” - Der Film

In einem Interview mit broadwayworld.com nehmen Steven Sater und Duncan Sheik zu den Plänen, “Spring Awakening” als Filmmusical zu produzieren, Stellung:

Steven Sater: I will tell you a film is on its way. We have to change no, we have to TRANSFORM what’s here. But, we are in real talks and a film is on the way!!!!

Broadwayworld.com: You mean the way CHICAGO was transformed on film?

Steven Sater: It will be radically different from film musicals. It will be an exploration of the other themes in the play but faithful to the story. You know it will be like CABARET. In that film they ALL really re- envisioned that show.

Broadwayworld.com: How are you going to guard against it losing its main theme and story…the vision if you like and end up like Arthur Laurents was with West Side Story - unhappy?

Steven Sater: Well I’m writing it!!!!! And to be honest, I LIKE West Side Story. I really respect Arthur and of course I didn’t live Arthur’s experience and I understand his reasons why he is unhappy. I think Spring Awakening was such a daring take on musical theatre and it isn’t to everyone’s taste. I think the film won’t be for everyone, but I want to reexplore what a film musical can be totally! I don’t fret about the show,the show is the show - that’s the show. I want the producers to make their money back in London. It’s a terrible dark time in the world at the moment. The fact is Spring Awakening is opening in 18 countries around the world over the next year or so….that’s a testament to something about the story. Theatre speaks to us in a way that nothing else does!

Broadwayworld.com: Steven has been telling BroadwayWorld about the film. How are you involved?

Duncan Sheik: The film is in the works. But let me tell you it’s incredibly difficult to make musical theatre into film. There are so many musicals that get turned into films. No matter what it takes I want to make a movie that works as a movie FIRST and most of all. I can count the examples of those that do on my one hand.

Broadwayworld.com: Which films?

Duncan Sheik: Oh I guess like ‘Dancer in the Dark’, ‘The Sound of Music’. I’ve never seen ‘A Chorus Line’.

Das gesamte Interview ist –> hier nachzulesen.


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