“Thank you for being a friend”: “Golden Girls”-Musical startet Previews

Am 24. Mai 2009 geht das “Golden Girls”-Musical “Thank you for being a friend” in die heiße Phase der Previews. Schauplatz ist das Off-Broadway Kaine Theater. Die Premiere steigt am 31. Mai und bis zum 12. Juli 2009 will man am Spielplan des Theaters bleiben.

Leading Team
Regie: Nick Brennan
Buch: Nick Brennan
Texte: Luke Jones
Musik: Jeff Thomson
Choreographie: Justin Wingenroth
Set Design: Luke Jones

Lavinia Draper, Chad Ryan, Nick Brennan, Brad Loekle, Jody Wood und Luke Jones.

Die Musical-Parodie handelt von, wie es im Original-Pressetext lautet:

four women over 60 (Blanchette, the varicose-veined vixen; Dorthea, the brainy ball-buster; Roz, the lovable airhead; and Sophie, the wisecracking spitfire) [who] are spending their golden years together in a bungalow in Miami. But when gay pop superstar Lance Bass moves next door, his loud outdoor sex parties keep the quartet of cheesecake-loving retirees awake. The solution pits the gays against the girls at the annual Shady Oaks Retirement Home Talent Show: if the women win, then no more sex parties; if the gays garner top prize, the sassy seniors must serve as the party’s clean-up crew.

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