The Past, Present, and Future of Original Cast Recordings

Two events over the past weekend had me thinking. The first thought occurred on Saturday when I went to the Lincoln Center Library to see a discussion on “The Past, Present, and Future of Original Cast Recordings.” The panel consisted of Seymour Red Press, a musician and music coordinator of Gypsy in 1959, Mame in 1966, and Good Time Charley in 1975, among dozens of other shows; Brian Drutman, senior director of Decca Broadway, who’s recorded LaChiusa’s The Wild Party and reissued Two Gentlemen of Verona, among dozens of other discs; Kurt Deutsch, president of Sh-K-Boom Records, and his wife and frequent Sh-K-Boom performer Sherie Renà© Scott, both of whose names can be found on the cast albums of The Last 5 Years and Debbie Does Dallas. In other words, it was a nice mix of the “past, present, and future” as advertised in the title. [story]


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