Young Bradford über Annie Lennox’ CD “Bare”

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I write today from cloudy and overcast Los Angeles in this room inthis hotel listening to Bare, a slow, sad, gospel album drenching in heartbreak and layered with ethereal voices and instruments. The album is not Diva. It is not that good. However, a sad Annie Lennox, is a real Annie Lennox. I am feeling you sister while I slowly spread my egg yolks on my english muffin and sip my morning coffee. I hope the colors of Los Angeles infuse from gray to gold. I hope for sun.
She sings of erasing people. Erasures left where people once stood and I could not stand to do that with anyone who ever let me love them. Maybe I would think differently had I been treated badly. I have not. My life has been full of love since embracing it. I may have had things not work out. I long for things I know I will not have. I won’t stop though. I will not erase anyone. Not even my father, who is physically gone from this world. I feel like a spiritual new-age hippie. Maybe I just feel like a San Franciscan this morning, but I have a piece of everyone I have ever met somewhere in the baby blue flecks of my eyes. I see the world through you each day. And I smile when I do.
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