“American Idol”-Zweitplazierter Clay Aiken - der neue Retter der Plattenindustrie?

Ask the employees at Clay Aiken’s record label, RCA, if they would listen to Aiken’s debut album, Measure of a Man, by choice, and the response is almost uniform: a lengthy pause followed by laughter. RCA was the home of Elvis Presley, and its current roster includes critical favorites like the Strokes and the Foo Fighters. It’s a rock label. Aiken, who came in second on the most recent installment of American Idol, is not only not a rocker, but, as he says in his aggressively self-deprecating way, “I’m not an artist. I’m just a guy who was on a reality show—and I didn’t even win!” Humility aside, Aiken, 24, doesn’t mind being doubted because he believes in his bones that his detractors are wrong. “There are many people at the record label who are afraid of me,” he says. “They don’t understand the reasons that someone as uncool as me is here. In a way—and this is a horrible word to say, and once I say it you’re going to print it—it’s a revolution.” [story]


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