Einmal ein Broadway-Orchester dirigieren - “The Actors Fund Auction of 1000 Stars”

Come and hear «the music of the night!” – in a very special way! This package is a Broadway fan’s dream come true! Not only will you sit in the orchestra pit for the longest running show on Broadway (now in its 20th smash hit year) THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, listening to it from the orchestra’s point of view, but you’ll also be in the spotlight as you are handed the conductor’s baton and you have the amazing experience of single-handedly conducting the PHANTOM orchestra during the exit music!

You’ll receive 2 VIP seats so that friends can witness your Broadway conducting debut, as well as an autographed PHANTOM poster, a rehearsal with the music director to prepare for your big moment, a photo of you on the podium, and a backstage tour for you and your guests following the performance! This will truly be the Broadway thrill of a lifetime!

This experience was donated by the Broadway orchestra and company of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA for sale on The Actors Fund’s AUCTION OF 1000 STARS online benefit.

High bidder receives:

* Admission to a seat in the orchestra pit for a performance of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA at The Majestic Theatre, New York City
* You conduct the exit music following the performance
* Your picture taken on the podium
* A rehearsal with the musical director
* 2 Orchestra House Seats for your friends to witness your conductorial debut
* Backstage tour for you and your guests following performance of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA
* An autographed poster from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA
* PLEASE NOTE: Dates are subject to availability and approval of The Actors Fund and PHANTOM General Management
* PLEASE NOTE: Travel and lodging not included
* PLEASE NOTE: Participant must be 18 years of age or over
* PLEASE NOTE: Experience valid from January 15, 2009 – October, 2009 [LINK zur Auktion]

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