Hugh Jackman plant Verfilmung von Stephen Sondheims Musical “Carousel” - äh …

Der Wissensstand vieler Medien das Musicalgenre betreffend ist oft faszinierend. Da gibt der Schauspieler Hugh Jackman anlässlich der Premiere seines neuen Films “X-Mens Origins: Wolverine” der Los Angeles Times ein Interview, in dem eine Passage folgendermaßen lautet:

Not surprisingly, he also wants to make film musicals too, to show that other side of himself. «I’ve been looking to do a musical film for a long time, and after things like ‘Moulin Rogue,’ ‘Chicago’ and ‘Hairspray’ I think there’s a real opportunity there,” Jackman said. «I’ve developed a script of ‘Carousel,’ a musical I just love. There’s a famous quote from Stephen Sondheim: ‘Carousel is about life and death and ‘Oklahoma’ is about a picnic.’”

In 2002, Jackman sang the role of Billy Bigelow in “Carousel” at Carnegie Hall. Two years later, he won the Tony for “Boy From Oz,” a fact that is hard to remember during his berserker rages in “Wolverine.” Jackman, of course, also hosted the Oscars earlier this year, and shared the stage with Anne Hathaway during one of the more memorable skits. «I thought she was brilliant and open and creative, so I’ve been filling up her answering machine with messages about ‘Carousel.’”

Prompt erscheint einige Stunden später in der Thaindien News und im Daily Express folgende Meldung:

The Aussie star has developed a script for the beloved Stephen Sondheim musical and he wants Hathaway to play Julie Jordan opposite his Billy Bigelow.
He says, “I’ve been looking to do a musical film for some time and after things like Moulin Rouge!, Chicago and Hairspray, I think there’s a real opportunity there.”
And he’s clear only Hathaway will do as his leading lady: “I’ve been filling up her answering machine with messages about Carousel.”

Was wird sich Stephen Sondheim freuen, so auf die Schnelle für ein Musical gelobt zu werden, das er gar nicht geschrieben hat. [–> Carousel]


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