Justin Timberlake: “The Love Guru”

Justin Timberlake sorgt in den USA für Aufregung, derzeit vor allem unter Journalisten, die sich derzeit gerne über jenen “Vertrag” unterhalten, den sie unterschreiben müss(t)en, wenn sie sich dieses Wochenende die Pressevorführung von “The Love Guru” (offizieller Kinostart in den USA: 20. Juni 2008) ansehen woll(t)en.

So wird unter anderem Folgendes verlangt:

All Material which Journalist intends to use first must be submitted to Company and Artist for approval. The print, negative, or other material embodying disapproved Material will be promptly destroyed by the Journalist.

Accordingly, Journalist agrees not to disclose to anyone any confidential, personal, or private information about Artist, Artist’s family, or Artist’s personal relationships at any time, or to write or assist in the writing or preparation of articles, news stories, books, or other productions or materials of any nature whatsoever about or referring to Artist.

Journalist acknowledges and agree that the damages caused Company and Artist from a violation of this Agreement are irreparable, and that Company and Artist may seek appropriate equitable or injunctive relief to prevent or remedy a violation of the terms hereof, in addition to damages. In any controversy respecting this Agreement, the prevailing party will recover its attorneys fees and costs.

Den kompletten Vertragstext liefert Sharon Waxman auf ihrer Site –> hier

Update/18:00 Uhr
Sharon Waxman:

My sources tell me that the studio has backed down and the contract is no longer. Ladies and gentlemen, the power of the Internet.


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