Oliver Rathkolb zu Mel Brooks’ “The Producers”

Mel Brooks, c.Image via WikipediaUniv.-Prof. MMag. DDr. Oliver Rathkolb, Professor für Zeitgeschichte an der Historisch-Kulturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät der Universität Wien, meldet sich via bloomberg.com mit einem interessanten Statement zum Mel-Brooks-Musical “The Producers” zu Wort:

“The Producers” is not the only production currently playing in Vienna that features Nazis. Hitler plays the main role in George Tabori’s 1987 play “Mein Kampf”, which examines the dictator’s time in Vienna before his rise to power as he frantically attempted to gain admission to the Academy of Fine Arts and shared a room in the poor house with an elderly Jew.
Tabori’s text mostly consists of direct quotes from Hitler’s autobiography. Hearing them out of context highlights how ridiculous their author was, while at the same time reminding those in the audience that while they may be laughing, the ludicrous ideas they’re hearing had far-reaching consequences.
“The two plays can’t be compared”,’ says Oliver Rathkolb, a professor of contemporary history at the University of Vienna. “The one is a serious attempt to deal with the past by means of art, the other is a completely inappropriate approach to this topic. The historical background of Europe is simply not taken into consideration.”

- Bloomberg-Artikel

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