Theater Drachengasse: »Topdog/Underdog«

topdog.jpgVom 10. bis 15. Februar 2014 zeigt das Vienna Theatre Project in Zusammenarbeit mit der US-Botschaft im Wiener Theater Drachengasse »Topdog/Underdog«, ein Stück von Suzan-Lori Parks. Gespielt wird in englischer Sprache.

Two brothers in their mid-to-late thirties struggle to eek out an existence in a shabby little rooming house. The older brother, Lincoln (also known as “Link”), was once a skilled 3-card Monte con-artist who gave it up after the untimely death of his friend. The younger brother, Booth, wants to be a big shot – but spends most of his time shoplifting and awkwardly practicing the art of card hustling. Their father named them Booth and Lincoln; it was his dismal idea of a joke.
Booth talks about his many goals and dreams. He discusses his sexual conquests and his romantic frustrations. Lincoln is much lower-key. He often thinks about his past: his ex-wife, his successes as a card hustler, his parents who abandoned him when he was sixteen. Booth is impulsive throughout most of the play, sometimes reacting violently whenever frustrated or intimidated. Lincoln, on the other hand, seems to let the world step all over him.
Instead of grifting, Lincoln has settled into a very odd job at a carnival arcade. For hours on end, he sits in a display box dressed as Abraham Lincoln. Because he is black, his employers insist that he wears “white-face” make-up. He sits still, reenacting the final moments of the famed president (the “real” Lincoln was assassinated as he watched the play, My American Cousin ). Throughout the day, paying customers sneak up and shoot Link in the back of the head with a cap-gun. It’s a strange and morbid occupation. I certainly don’t blame Link for being lured back into card hustling; he’s in his natural element when he’s working the cards.

Lincoln: Ricky Watson
Booth: David Wuwara

Regie: Joanna Godwin-Seidl
Assistenz: Silke Müllner/Christina Koeppl/Kathy Firli

Theater Drachengasse Bar & Co
Fleischmarkt, 1010 Wien


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