Ensemble Theater: Dirt (Vienna Theatre Project)

13. Mai 2009

Ensemble Theater: Dirt
by Robert Schneider,

13-14 May 2009 at 19:45

About the Play
Austrian Premiere in English of this acclaimed, award winning play about selling flowers on the streets of Vienna and being the “wrong type of foreigner”.
How many times have you been passed by the man in the street who offers you a rose at an undisclosed price? Maybe you were sitting at a table in your favourite restaurant or bar and he came up to you, asked your partner if they wanted to buy a rose for you? Three hours later you are in another location…is that not the same flower seller from before still carrying a massive bunch of red roses? Meet Sad, but Sad is not sad in the English meaning of the word, he makes that quite clear at the outset of his monologue. He is a human being like you or I, who, because of the way he is treated, feels unworthy to sit on a public bench. When he was at home he had a different kind of life, he was a student of philosophy at the right kind of university….and now? Why is he where he is, and how much can you gain from understanding the nature of the flower seller?

Production Team
Directed by Joanna Godwin-Seidl
Asst. Director: Eva Drnek
Production Assistant: Lisa Storch
Stage Manager: Sharron Aubrey
Set design and planning: Joanna Godwin-Seidl
Poster Design: Astrid Levin
Photography: Eva Drnek
Sponsorship: Monica Melega, Dan Melega
Producers: vienna theatre project team.

Norman Stehr

Ticket sales/reservations: 01-5353200 et-info@ensembletheater.at
Ticket prices: EUR17.- Adults, EUR 15.-, Adults Groups 10+, EUR 12.- Students*, EUR 9.- Student* Groups 10+
* with a valid student card


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