Vienna’s English Theatre: Rough Crossing

7. November 2011

On a transatlantic ocean-liner heading to New York, the playwrights Turai and Gal have only four days left to complete their new Broadway hit, „The Cruise of the Dodo“. It should be plain sailing for the successful duo, except their young protégé and composer, Adam, has fallen rapturously in love with the temperamental leading lady, Natasha, who’s just been caught in a compromising situation with the leading man! Which results in Adam tossing his score overboard and threatening to do likewise himself.

Can Turai pull off a masterstroke and reunite Adam and Natasha? Will Gal ever stop eating long enough to help complete the play? And why is the ingenious ship steward, Dvornichek, only able to stay upright when the ship is tossed about in a turbulent storm?

Stoppard’s deliriously funny play is an affectionate tribute to the Golden Age of sophisticated comedy. Rough Crossing is a feast of verbal wit, physical comedy and sheer theatrical virtuosity.

Cast & Creative Team
Turai: Andrew Macbean
Dvornichek: Adam Venus
Adam: Christopher Berry
Gal: Robert Traynor
Natasha: Basienka Blake
Ivor: Michael Fenner

Directed by: Philip Dart
Designed by: Charles Cusick Smith
Music by: André Previn
Musical Director: Magnus Gilljam
Assistant Musical Director: Ariana Pullano
Movement Director: Sally Brooks

Premiere: 7. November, 2011, 19:30 Uhr

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